Kon Construction believes that accidents/incidents are preventable. We are continuously striving towards a “Zero Incident” culture. Our employees are our greatest asset and we feel it is our responsibility to provide them with a safe and healthy work environment. Our Health, Safety, and Environment program ensures that employees at all levels are involved in daily safety decisions and proactive methods of loss prevention.

Kon Construction integrates health, safety, and protection of the environment into every project we are involved in, from routine activities to high risk projects.

In an industry driven by tight deadlines, maintaining the discipline to pre-plan and integrate safety into all of our activities requires diligence. Our policies and procedures mandate that Safety is the top priority, and as such safety training is provided to employees at all levels within the company. Safety is always our first thought and a habit we stress both during training and while on job sites. Kon Construction is committed to continuously improving our policies and procedures through self-audits and inspections.

Kon Construction has strict drug/alcohol and sexual harassment policies. These policies were developed to ensure and promote a positive attitude and safe work environment for all employees. Kon Construction enforces a zero tolerance policy in regards to alcohol and drug use by any employee.

Leadership is promoted in all levels of our company. We believe that continued training, education and strong leadership will ensure that we continue to have a successful safety program – one we are very proud of.